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Visual Overview Torah Sheba'al Peh (Hardcover)

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What is Torah SheBa'al Peh? How can the Rabbis make laws? Why were things left out of the Mishnah? Who is the Talmud's narrator? Why is the Talmud so important? Is it ok to interpret the Chumash on our own? This and much much more!

The Visual Overview to Torah Sheba'al Peh is a visual history and makeup of the Talmud and our Mesorah.

Learn how Torah Shebaal Peh developed from Har Sinai through the Sanhedrin, then how the Talmud was recorded with its surrounding circumstances. Continue through the ages of the history of the Talmud until modern times.

Includes a comic story displaying the history of the Talmud and a photo essay with detailed discussion amongst charts, maps and a wealth of information.

Hardcover: 190 pages
Language: Hebrew / English
ISBN-10: 10: 1-944605-24-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-944605-24-7

It is against halacha and civil law to reproduce, photocopy, or replicate any portion of this book in any capacity without express written permission from the publisher.

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