"Thank you so much for preparing and printing and sending us the Beraishis workbooks. If you ever come to Toronto, let us know so we can show you what our children are accomplishing! We can't express our gratitude enough for making the Chumash so pleasurable and clear to learn. It has made such a difference in their learning.

We are davening very hard that you will be making a workbook for Noach as well, which we will hopefully be starting in just a few months! Hatzlacha in all your work."


Shprintza Goldberg and family - Toronto




“A well run and organized system. Greatly needed and much appreciated."

Rabbi Yosef Simpson,
Principal, United lubavitcher Yeshiva - Crown Heights


“This workbook addresses the many Chumash skills that a talmid must acquire in order to succeed in a unique comprehensive way. The graphics and artwork make Chumash stimulating and fun. This will no doubt reach many children who would otherwise struggle. Even the children in the normal range who might pick up most skills on their own will benefit as well.”

Rabbi Hershel Lustig, 
Dean, Oholei Torah


“The Children’s Chumash is a piece of work that has paid much attention to give the children an acquisition of learning skills in Limud HaTorah. I advise teachers  to use this ‘old full jug’ (Pirkei Avos).”

Rabbi Tvi Abba Lerman,
Veteran Educator, Former teacher of Yavneh Academy, Patterson NJ


“The Children’s Chumash makes the Chumash alive and real for the children. It puts new pesukim into focus and adds a beauty to Torah for the children. Definitely practical to use as a teacher.”

Rabbi Leibel Paris,
3rd Grade Rebbe, Cheder at the Ohel


"The Children's Chumash brings the text of our holy Torah to life with its colourful illustrations, clear instructions and aesthetically pleasant layout. The editor keeps the academically-challenged student in mind with the helpful reminders and diverse symbols sprinkled throughout the pages. I highly recommend using this workbook in any Jewish Day School setting". 

Mrs. Esti Levin, Year 2 Jewish Studies Teacher, Leibler Yavneh College, Melbourne, Australia

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