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Torah For Children is committed to the success of Chinuch and Jewish Education of all Jewish children regardless of ability and background. Combining the expertise of master educators and top graphic artists, Torah For Children publishes high quality curriculum and textbooks in the core textual subjects in Limmudei Kodesh and Jewish Studies.
Torah For Children materials encompass all steps of the learning process and have done all the preparation for the teacher allowing the teachers to focus on teaching. Carefully prepared content engages students to master all skills while being infused with Fear of Heaven.

Torah For Children products are an ultimate inclusion tool stimulating the advanced learner and engaging the academically challenged through visual, live and active learning.

Jewish Studies Lesson Plan

Torah For Children Curriculum

Visual. Skills.Interactive.

We have published a Kriah Series, the Children's Chumash, and now the Visual Gemara. Seder Kriah was developed by kriah specialists that uses all contemporary reading methods embedded with structured kriah pages so that all students master kriah; a fundamental learning skill. 

The Children's Chumash is state of the art; a comprehensive Chumash where children learn all skills necessary and use them to learn the Chumash, culminating in a living lesson. As of this date we have produced 2 grade levels (Bereishis - Lech Lecha and Vayeira - Toldos) with more Parshiyos to come Bez"H. 

The Visual  Gemara is something unique in its visual presentation. Learning Gemara looks so easy and fun with unique charts and a wealth of pictures, and the Visual Introduction takes the appreciation of the mesorah and the understanding of Gemara to a whole new level.

With the help of Hashem we hope to increase more content and grade levels in the coming months and years.


​Rabbi Yehuda Adelist M.S. Ed
Director, Torah For Children

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