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Multisensory. Fun. Reading.


A Powerful Kriah Tool!

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Seder Kriah

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In a single workbook series, Seder Kriah is the curriculum that will turn your students into kriah experts.

All of them!

Seder Kriah

Hebrew School Edition


Already had kriah instruction. Is Seder Kriah right for you?

To take the kriah evaluation tool,


Seder Kriah

Day School Edition

 Seder Kriah: Two options of a 5-stage kriah decoding system in full color filled with fun skill based activities embedded into structured קְרִיאָה pages. Seder Kriah incorporates all contemporary reading methods without compromising on the mesorah of the א ב or  א אָָ ָ .

Kriah pages and brain skill pages are cleverly intergrated throughout, making the process less monotonous and more engaging.

Kriah/Brain Development

All In One

Orton Gillingam

Multi-sensory Techniques

Multi-sensory techniques based on the Orton Gillingham model help children learn how to read using other senses to compensate for reading delays. In Seder Kriah, children use many guided multi sensory techniques to learn kriah skills.

Structured kriah pages are embedded throughout the entire system. 

Structured Kriah Pages

Brain Exercises

Phonological Awareness is the ability to discriminiate sounds embedded within spoken words.

Examples of Phonological Awareness.

According to a theory proposed by Lindamood Bell, Sound Production Awareness plays a major role in reading ability.

Seder Kriah zeros in on all the possible brain areas responsible for reading disabilities and works to improve skills as they apply to each stage of kriah.

Interactive Guide

Sample tutorial page.

Sample answer page.

Interactive guide trains the proctor how to use each page effectively with tips on how to guide students through the pages. Answer sheets help proctors know what to expect.


Seder Kriah makes the kriah process fun by integrating kriah skills with activity pages; Dot to Dots, Mazes, Picture Finds, and more.


Seder Kriah was created in response to the growing realization that there are multiple ways that children learn to master Kriah. Seder Kriah's numerous structured activities fill this void and greatly reduce the risk of kriah failure and needing costly intervention even when used in the mainstream setting.


Seder Kriah was developed by kriah specialists with a Master's degree in Education and Special Education and over 10 years of servicing both children with kriah challenges and without.  

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