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* Bulk discounts on the Visual Gemara are available.

Visual Gemara

Take the Gemara experience to a whole new level.

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The Visual Introduction to Gemara is a major eye opener for youth and adults alike.

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VISUAL GEMARA - A powerful tool for students of Gemara to learn Gemara skills and become successful learners of Gemara throughout yeshiva and adulthood.

Visual Gemara

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One of its kind.

The Children's Gemara has many new visual innovations. Concepts are shown in illustrated format and then embedded into a sequencing graph.

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Advance Organizers

Gemara includes many concepts that students may be unfamiliar with. The Children's Gemara prepares students ahead of every unit with visual images and explanations of upcoming concepts, and relevant sources from the Chumash.

Aramaic Language Activities

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Shoroshim and prefixes/suffixes specific to the language of Gemara are built in to the learning process. High frequency words are stored in a running bank called 'Millim' which gets periodically reviewed.



A key skill to master Gemara is the ability to grasp sequencing of conceptual steps. The Children's Gemara makes it  look easy with sequencing and concepts broken down into graphic organizers with visual aids.

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Gemara contains much discussion. Students are eager to see conclusions and how the learning translates into real life.  In each unit students are shown and prompted to a practical application of the discussion into modern day halacha and custom.


Special Review Section

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As is typical with Torah For Children products, a special review section is built in to the learning to guide students to encourage thorough learning which can only be accomplished through proper review.


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