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Kesser Torah College

Sydney, Australia



“As a community day school we find the Children's Chumash to be a wonderful text based approach to learning Chumash without the fluff. The workbook focuses on building vocabulary using clever illustrations and has an engaging design. I recommend it highly and I can't wait until other parshas are out."

Rabbi Yitzchak Menda,
Principal, Hebrew Academy 
Tidewater, Virginia


“This workbook addresses the many Chumash skills that a talmid must acquire in order to succeed in a unique comprehensive way. The graphics and artwork make Chumash stimulating and fun. This will no doubt reach many children who would otherwise struggle. Even the children in the normal range who might pick up most skills on their own will benefit as well.”

Rabbi Hershel Lustig, 
Dean, Oholei Torah


"Our students love the workbook. In addition to the steady build up of essential Chumash skills and vocabulary and the spectacular graphics, what stands out about the series is the ‘Call to Action’ section. This section brings home to the children that the Torah is alive and applicable in their personal lives today, just as it has been throughout the ages.”

Rabbi Levi Millecki,

Principal, Kesser Torah College
Sydney, Australia



“This book is a great aid in helping the boys cement the skills necessary for them to become proficient learners of Chumash. In the  words of a student, 'I love this workbook!'.”

Rabbi Levi Heidingsfeld,

Grade 1 Teacher, Cheder Levi Yitzchak
Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you so much for preparing and printing and sending us the Beraishis workbooks. If you ever come to Toronto, let us know so we can show you what our children are accomplishing! We can't express our gratitude enough for making the Chumash so pleasurable and clear to learn. It has made such a difference in their learning.

We are davening very hard that you will be making a workbook for Noach as well, which we will hopefully be starting in just a few months! Hatzlacha in all your work."


Shprintza Goldberg and family - Toronto


"The kriah books are absolutely amazing. It helped my son Dovid grasp and start reading fluently. He is BH reading very well now thanks to the unique way that this book was put together. Thank you for putting this book together which really helped my son."
Mother of Dovid, 7



“My son Yosef could barely read and was diagnosed with dyslexia when he started using Rabbi Adelist's Seder Kriah. Yosef progressed through the books and slowly increased his speed and ability to put together long multi syllable words. Rabbi Adelist workbooks really helped my son learn to read. I am so grateful that my son used this program. It truly changed his life."

Mother of Yosef, 11


"I have seen remarkable success with Seder Kriah. Children with a reading disability who couldn't read despite much instruction were finally able to crack the code. Seder Kriah made my job as a tutor and Special Ed resource room teacher easier."
Menachem, Tutor and Resource Room Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

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