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A Skill Based Chumash Curriculum
In Visual Format



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Children's Chumash

The all inclusive curriculum made to go

To view a sample book in real time 

To view a sample book in real time 

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CHILDREN'S CHUMASH - Parsha by parsha in full color, rich in illustrations and content. A textbook/workbook comprehensive of all skills; decoding, comprehension and review embedded into an actual Chumash. ​

Child Friendly

Pages in the Children's Chumash are child friendly in graphics, color and art. Activities are presented small in quantity and big in size, with minimal writing allowing children to move swiftly through the pages.

Interactive Tutorial

Sample tutorial page.

Sample tutorial page.

Interactive tutorial helps educators understand how to use each page​, and replaces the need for a teacher's guide with all activities being prepared and hands on.

Live Shoroshim Activities

Full shoroshim and prefix/suffix (Parshas Bereshis primarily prefix) curriculum live for every group of pesukim. Children are reminded of old shoroshim and taught the skill of shoroshim identification. New shoroshim are learnt and reviewed.

Chumash / Workbook Hybrid

Pesukim are the center of each unit, with activities presented before, during and after. Visual aids train children to use shoroshim during learning boosting ability for independent learning. 

Living lessons in the form of a comic capture the main theme of every chapter and bring it to action.

Illustrations bring the learning to life building textual comprehension and culminating the learning with a powerful lesson into real life.

Powerful Illustrations

Linking picture to text is a great way to  assess and build textual comprehension.

Special Review Section

Guided review section trains children the technique of review and ensures retention.

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Torah For Children thanks Mr and Mrs Dovid and Malkie Smetana for their generous support.

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