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Torah For Children is an organization committed to the success of Chinuch and Limud HaTorah of all Jewish children regardless of ability and background. Torah For Children publishes top quality books and materials for a Torah curriculum combining the expertise of master educators and the top graphic artists to achieve the above. Torah For Children focuses primarily on the core textual subjects in Limmudei Kodesh.


Torah For Children materials encompass all steps of the learing process and have thus been designed for classroom teaching, homeschooling parents, or for parents to use at home to give their child an extra boost. As an ultimate inclusion tool, Torah For Children have cleverly produced products that magically stimulate the advanced learner and engage the academically challenged at the same time.​

We have begun with a kriah series and the Children's Chumash. Seder Kriah was developed by kriah specialists that uses all contemporary reading methods embedded with structured kriah pages so that all students master kriah; a fundamental learning skill. The Children's Chumash is state of the art; a comprehensive Chumash where children learn all skills necessary and use them to learn the Chumash. We have released Bereishis, Noach and Lech Lecha and begun Yiddish versions of each parsha. More Parshiyos will B'Ezras Hashem follow in the coming months and years.

Rabbi Yehuda Adelist M.S. Ed SpEd

Director, Torah For Children

Torah for Children Curriculum:


Learning is brought to life!


All Set

Take the preparation out of teaching. We've done the lesson plan for you!

Powerful inclusion tool; Inclusive of all skills and learning styles. Reaches the weakest students yet challenges the brightest.

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