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Children's Chumash - Parshas Chayei Sarah (Whole Parsha Only)

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The Children’s Chumash is endorsed by mechanchim and is a comprehensive Chumash incorporating all the skills necessary to become an independent learner in a systematic way. Perfect tool for teachers, homeschooling parents, or for parents to use at home to give their child an extra boost. Will stimulate the advanced learner and engage the academically challenged.

  • Comprehensive of all skills and standards built into a ready to use professional Chumash.
  • Fun, interactive and relevant. Seamless classroom teaching.
  • Challenging for the brightest yet empowering for the weakest.
  • Students use skills during learning.
  • Everything prepared for the teacher.

New For Parshas Chayei Sarah:

Parshas Chayei Sarah uses the same format as Parshas Vayeira, building on the new language rules such as plural male/female and pronoun suffixes. New shoroshim and Illustrations/comics are unique to Parshas Chayei Sarah.
Includes special section on Chevron and Meoras Hamachpelah from beginning of time to the present including the Six Day War.

Softcover: 336 pages
Language: Hebrew / English
ISBN-10: 10: 1-944605-23-1
ISBN-13: 978-1-944605-23-0

It is against halacha and civil law to reproduce, photocopy, or replicate any portion of this book in any capacity without express written permission from the publisher.


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