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Mendy Pellin Teaching the Visual Introduction to Gemara


Visual Introduction to Gemara

Torah Sheba'al Peh From Har Sinai Until Now!

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VISUAL INTRODUCTION TO GEMARA - The Visual Introduction to Gemara is a visual overview of the history, system and importance of Gemara and Torah Shebaal Peh.

A groundbreaking book for all students of Gemara even for those already familiar with Gemara, both youth and adults. Scroll below to see the FAQs.

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What exactly is the Visual Introduction to Gemara?

A visual overview of the history and makeup of Torah Shebaal Peh with the Gemara as the central link. The reader is shown the Gemara's importance, its origins, its system and how present day Halachah developed through the Gemara. There is an emphasis on giving the reader an appreciation for the importance of Gemara.

So is the Visual Introduction to Gemara an actual Gemara?

The Visual Introduction to Gemara describes how the Gemara was made, how it works, and how it developed afterwards until today. This isn't an actual Gemara, but a necessary ingredient to succeed in Gemara and learning overall. There is much information that aside from being presented in a unique easy to learn format, is not well known. The reader gets a sense of how Gemara works and its significance.

A history book on Gemara sounds interesting, but how does that help with actual learning of Gemara?

The Gemara doesn't have any instruction manual. Without knowing the history and background of the Gemara's system, it can be difficult to fully comprehend the context or theme and the goings on of any given sugya (topic).

There is so much information packed in. Is this for beginners, for experienced Gemara students or for a Torah Shebaal Peh Overview class?

The book gives beginners a solid foundation both in Gemara and the system of the Oral Torah. Both students who are learning Jewish Law and students with experience of Gemara will be able to appreciate and reference all the information to significantly enhance their Torah learning.

Is this only for the home? What's the best way to use this in my classroom?

This is not an entertainment comic book, it is an intensive learning book packed into 190 pages with lots of visuals. The Visual Introduction to Gemara is definitely a must for every home but is used to the fullest when learnt thoroughly in a learning setting. The information presented is something that every Jewish male and female should be well familiar with. The book makes a great Torah Shebaal Peh / Gemara Introduction class and could either be taught as a separate subject or as a once/twice a week special class. Every page is a springboard for discussion and there are periodic questions throughout the book. The book will no doubt be referenced for many months and years to come.

How is the Visual Introduction to Gemara different from the many other books and products that have been made on this topic?

The Visual Introduction to Gemara is a visual walkthrough all the eras from the Sanhedrin through the Tannaim, Amoraim, Geonim, Rishonim and Acharonim. The book also explains how the Gemara was made, it's rules, and how it was received afterwards. This is a comprehensive book addressing everything one needs to know about Gemara, its system and importance; something exceptionally unique.

Is this only for youth? What about adults?

The format is appealing to youth as that is the ideal age to begin learning this subject. The content is something beneficial and necessary for adults of all ages and levels alike. The book contains a wealth of information that is not typically learnt in Yeshiva (yet!). The reader is given a solid overview of the system of Torah Shebaal Peh. This doesn’t only enhance Gemara learning, but gives a better understanding of Halachah and living life as a Torah Jew.

As an adult, visuals don't appeal much to me. Will there be an adult version without all the pictures?

The system of Torah Shebaal Peh and they way it developed can be difficult to grasp without seeing it in a visual sequence. Anyone who reads through the entire book will find it to be a major eye opener and appreciate its format.

What about adults who are beginners or new to learning about Judaism? Is this book geared to Yeshiva graduates?

The book is written in an easy to read format for readers of all backgrounds. This book is an excellent tool for beginners to get an overview of the Torah's learning system and importance. It can be learnt with a mentor or independently.

The book looks revolutionary! What spurred the creation of such an innovative book?

The question has been repeatedly asked: Why is there such emphasis on Gemara and how is Gemara relevant in practice? To do justice to this question, the Gemara’s system needed to be explained well using the historical backdrop of how the Gemara was created and received through the ages. The unique history, the visual concepts and examples together with all the charts make this important subject be understood by all.