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Children's Gemara Tefillas Hashachar - BONUS SECTION ADDED

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The Children's Gemara revolutionizes the way Gemara is taught to young children using a hybrid of the actual Gemara text with visual aids and skill based activities in language, comprehension, application, and review. As students work through the Children's Gemara, they are walked through all the steps of the learning process in visual format. Including:

  • Upcoming concepts are visually explained prior to the Gemara being introduced.
  • Language skills unique to Gemara are constantly reinforced and on the page for referencing.
  • Gemara text with clear well spaced punctuation.
  • Sequencing charts with visual information make some of the most difficult sections appear easy.
  • A practical Halacha section at the end of each unit making the Gemara feel relevant.
Success in learning and Gemara in particular is the key to a positive Yeshiva experience. The visual and innovative learning system of the Children's Gemara by Torah For Children creates success and brings the Gemara to life for children of all abilities.

The Children’s Gemara begins with Meseches Berachos Perek 4, Tefilas Hashachar; customarily taught as an introductory Gemara for beginners. Learn about Halachic times for Davenning, how davenning 3 times a day began, now including the classic story of Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua.

Softcover: 416 pages
Language: Hebrew / English
ISBN-13: 978-1-944605-30-8

It is against halacha and civil law to reproduce, photocopy, or replicate any portion of this book in any capacity without express written permission from the publisher.

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